Walker Tex – Brilliance Personified

After a short Christmas hiatus from blogging on original artists, I am proud to be back writing about an extraordinary artist called Walker Tex. He classes himself as being within the Alternative and Folk music scene, but has a passion for all music in general, which is evident from the types of music he covers. Coupled with his guitar skills, this artist has a knack for originality, making existing songs his own.

After taking an in depth look at his music on all platforms, I found some of my all time favourite songs that he has covered, one of which is “No Diggity” by the R&B legendary group known as Blackstreet. This song is one I grew up listening to, to a point where I got to see them in concert, albeit they were drunk, sounded awful, and got boo’d off stage! However, Walker’s version took this song to a whole new level, with soul and class. This is the type of version I can see myself vibing to while in a live lounge. I like the way he starts off the song, subtly, and after the first few lines, changes key on his guitar, almost getting you hyped up for when the song picks up. A nice few lines from Sean Paul ft. Blu Cantrell’s “Say You Love Me” is also snuck in to this mashup, which I had to listen to twice to even realize that it was there. That is how well Walker fused the two songs together, making it sound like an original song rather than a cover.

Another song that takes me back to my youth is “Baby, I Love Your Way”, by Big Mountain. Walker sings a version of this song, in the same melody as the original, but a little slower, a little more methodical, and a little more effectively. Completely stripped back, this cover accentuates the lyrics, bringing a new feel to the song. His version is one that I could see being used when proposing to your significant other, or for a first dance at a wedding – a romantic cover that I would be proud to play to my wife. Walker possesses this grit in his voice like no other, portrayed very well in this cover.

This next song is a special one for me, its a song that my kid loves. “Dance Monkey” originally by Tones & I. Starting off acapella, then with a bit of guitar, then bringing in a bit more production to his music than I have seen in his other songs. This cover is a masterpiece of originality, completely making the song his own. When I saw that he had covered this song, I thought to myself that surely this type of song would not suit his voice, but my word was I proved wrong. Walker is a risk taker, and that is the best type of musician/singer out there. To be able to try something different, and pull it off is a sign of a true artist. My kid and I dance to this song, and I cannot wait to show her this version!

Finally, I have been given the opportunity to listen to Walker Tex’s next song, before it has been released. The song is “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” originally by Smokie. Releasing on 31st January 2021, this is a lovely, peaceful and serene version of this song which is well produced. The song itself is about the calm before a storm. The tranquil way this is sung, brings an eerie juxtaposition to what the storm will bring. Although I personally had not heard the original prior to writing this, I am looking forward to be able to listen to Walker Tex’s version on repeat!

This artist has the voice of any genre, the versatility of a superstar, and the personality of a gentleman. After speaking to him, he seems like a genuine person who is always there to give a hand to help others succeed – a rarity in someone who must be busy with his own career. His music is brilliance personified and I am sure if he was given any song, he would be able to make it his own and make it a hit. I look forward to hearing more material from him, and hopefully soon some of his own music!

See below for links to find his music:





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