Jenny From The Block

Jenny Wallis, from the UK, is a talented singer, with inspiration from R&B and Pop legends not limited to Usher, Beyoncé and Ariana Grande. A singer/songwriter from the young age of 9, but really only getting into it more since we were in lockdown from March of 2020, she is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising stars in the UK. With all the craziness of last year, it is amazing to see some good come out of it, with artists such as Jenny releasing music for us all to enjoy. I have already covered a song of hers from one of my previous articles, where she collaborated with one of my other favorite artists Lyink (click here for the article), but having talked to her on many occasions, and seeing how talented she is, I decided to write a blog on her too.

The first song I will write about is called “My Everything”, a love song where she sings about a love that has stolen her heart. You can instantly see the Usher influence in this song, with the backing track almost reminding me of one of his classics “Love In This Club”, but Jenny’s is unique in itself. An old school R&B vibe to this song, with a voice reminiscent of Leona Lewis. Her voice in this song introduces us as to how sweet and controlled her voice is, how she is able to hit those high notes with such ease, and how her song writing really appeals to all generations.

Next up, is a song called “Changes”, which when I heard the first few beats, reminded me a little of 112’s “Time To Let This Go”, again showing her R&B influence. The lyrics couldn’t be any different though, with this song being about meeting someone in a club, and slowly but surely he makes her feel changes from within herself. Another song appealing to so many people who go out and get that tunnel vision when seeing someone who they are instantly attracted to. Beautifully sung, Jenny again shows her vocal range and story telling impeccably.

“I’m Done” is a song which has a really catchy chorus, all about how she has been messed around, has finally seen the light, and is done with a relationship. A song with attitude, giving strength to someone who has been wronged in a relationship, this inspiring song would help anyone in a similar situation – which a lot of us have been in! There is one line that I heard in this song in particular which completely got me and made me think…yes Jenny, that note just killed it – when she sings “Plenty more fish in the see” – when you hear it you will know what I mean!

Her latest single “Be My Love”, is more of a dance track. I chose to write about this song to show her versatility in song writing, where she is able to sing soulful as with the previous songs, and now write and sing a song to get us ready to dance away in clubs once we can eventually do so! This is another song which is on her EP “Hot & Cold” released on November 13th 2020. Collaborating with Loseluce, this is a catchy song that will not only get your feet moving, but also gives us some beautiful vocals from Jenny.

Finally, I have covered this in a previous post, but, it is one of my favourite songs from Jenny for two reason, 1. It contains two of the best independent artists out there right now, especially in Europe. 2. Jenny’s vocals in this song are just second to none. A song about two estranged lovers trying to be together but with obstacles in the way. Lyink, as usual, shows how much of a lyrical genius he is, but Jenny gives us a very catchy chorus, with simply astounding vocals. Both of these artists really capture the story behind this song and sing it straight to our hearts.

As a person, I have had the chance to speak to her a few times, and can tell how much of a genuine and lovely person she is. At only 21 years of age, she has so much room to grow and heaps of potential. I am sure she will be a force to be reckoned with within the UK music scene. When I listen to artists like Jenny, it makes me think to myself, who needs shows like The X Factor, when we already have artists like her who are so talented and already making a name by themselves with hard work, dedication and motivation.

See below for the links to her music:






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