Saura is Simply Savage! Sweet Savage Vol2 EP –

Stay Up “Stay Up” is a story of love and cheating, where the boy is constantly struggling with the thought that his significant other is being unfaithful. The rhythm of the song from the start gives a sad and almost eerie vibe to set the tone of not quite believing that this girl that heContinue reading “Saura is Simply Savage! Sweet Savage Vol2 EP –”

Pure Magic – Broadtree

I first had the pleasure of talking to this duo over Instagram, and instantly found them to be extremely nice, highly respective, and simply genuine people. From that, I knew straight away that I needed to check out their music and I knew that they would resonate with me. Just as predicted, I was right,Continue reading “Pure Magic – Broadtree”

Love, Loss, Acceptance – SweetSavage Vol. 1

It sure has been a while since my last post, but after listening to this artists album, I was compelled to write something about it. The first song “Soul Ties” is a great introduction to Saura if you have not heard him before. Instantly, he uses a reference to social media to engage his youngContinue reading “Love, Loss, Acceptance – SweetSavage Vol. 1”

You Better Breathe – It’s Sasha Lille!

(Image Credit: Tom Oliver) One artist I have been following for a while now, is one of my favourite independent raw talents that I have seen out there. Sashe Lillie, from East Sussex, UK, is an extraordinary singer/songwriter who is probably the only artist I have seen that engages her fans when actually writing herContinue reading “You Better Breathe – It’s Sasha Lille!”

The Pen – A Poem for Music Artists

Why do I sing, Why do I write, Why do I play?Maybe it’s just to get the thoughts out of my head, all the rage and joyI can’t belay or go astray, for it’s an addiction I can’t stop or stay awayHead voice, chest voice, falsetto, vibrato, so much to learn to try and portrayLivingContinue reading “The Pen – A Poem for Music Artists”

Forgetting Dementia

I wrote this in memory of my grandmother who died not so long ago after suffering from Dementia. With everything going on in the world right now, I felt it was fitting to write this so people don’t forget those who are suffering from Dementia. I hope this piece of writing can resonate with someContinue reading “Forgetting Dementia”

Happy Hunting

Here is the last of the pieces of writing that I wrote around 15 years ago…hopefully I can find the inspiration to start writing again like I used to! (verse 1) daily thoughts running through my head,about how I used to dread walking through life,like that dude in kidulthood, trife,being the last one in, andContinue reading “Happy Hunting”

Jenny From The Block

Jenny Wallis, from the UK, is a talented singer, with inspiration from R&B and Pop legends not limited to Usher, Beyoncé and Ariana Grande. A singer/songwriter from the young age of 9, but really only getting into it more since we were in lockdown from March of 2020, she is quickly becoming one of theContinue reading “Jenny From The Block”

Walker Tex – Brilliance Personified

After a short Christmas hiatus from blogging on original artists, I am proud to be back writing about an extraordinary artist called Walker Tex. He classes himself as being within the Alternative and Folk music scene, but has a passion for all music in general, which is evident from the types of music he covers.Continue reading “Walker Tex – Brilliance Personified”

Hellbound Thug

This is another piece of work I wrote many years ago – enjoy! I have started to write again, the previous post is one I wrote yesterday – and this piece of work sort of coincides with that one, and with what is currently happening in the world! (verse 1) soldiers fighting for us toContinue reading “Hellbound Thug”