Walker Tex – Brilliance Personified

After a short Christmas hiatus from blogging on original artists, I am proud to be back writing about an extraordinary artist called Walker Tex. He classes himself as being within the Alternative and Folk music scene, but has a passion for all music in general, which is evident from the types of music he covers.Continue reading “Walker Tex – Brilliance Personified”

Poetic Prowess – Sorcie Elle

So far, I have done a lot of reviews on artists who do covers/write and sing some original music/have some music videos out. There are a select few that I have seen so far who actually produce art. Sorcie Elle does exactly that. If you listen and concentrate on the words she is singing inContinue reading “Poetic Prowess – Sorcie Elle”

Maximilian deserves Millions!

Getting into the Christmas vibe, I found this artist on Instagram who has recently done some Christmas covers. One of which that stood out to me was a song cover of a song called “A Hippopotamus for Christmas” originally by “Gayla Peevey”. This is one of those covers where if you watch Max you canContinue reading “Maximilian deserves Millions!”

Emily Rodriguez – Singer, Guitarist, Performer

Emily struck out to me after seeing some of her covers on Instagram, and I instantly was drawn to her voice and the manner in which she plays the guitar. She has this incredible way of knowing when to switch up her voice at certain times and hold her notes to give you that wowContinue reading “Emily Rodriguez – Singer, Guitarist, Performer”