Love, Loss, Acceptance – SweetSavage Vol. 1

It sure has been a while since my last post, but after listening to this artists album, I was compelled to write something about it. The first song “Soul Ties” is a great introduction to Saura if you have not heard him before. Instantly, he uses a reference to social media to engage his youngContinue reading “Love, Loss, Acceptance – SweetSavage Vol. 1”

The Pen – A Poem for Music Artists

Why do I sing, Why do I write, Why do I play?Maybe it’s just to get the thoughts out of my head, all the rage and joyI can’t belay or go astray, for it’s an addiction I can’t stop or stay awayHead voice, chest voice, falsetto, vibrato, so much to learn to try and portrayLivingContinue reading “The Pen – A Poem for Music Artists”

Walker Tex – Brilliance Personified

After a short Christmas hiatus from blogging on original artists, I am proud to be back writing about an extraordinary artist called Walker Tex. He classes himself as being within the Alternative and Folk music scene, but has a passion for all music in general, which is evident from the types of music he covers.Continue reading “Walker Tex – Brilliance Personified”