Walker Tex – Brilliance Personified

After a short Christmas hiatus from blogging on original artists, I am proud to be back writing about an extraordinary artist called Walker Tex. He classes himself as being within the Alternative and Folk music scene, but has a passion for all music in general, which is evident from the types of music he covers.Continue reading “Walker Tex – Brilliance Personified”

Valery – A Hidden Superstar

Okay so let me explain the title of this post – Valery, a star in her own right, with a few singles out, currently around 5.5k Instagram followers, almost 80k YouTube views on one single, and almost 40k YouTube views on another. These are just two songs, there are a few more out there withContinue reading “Valery – A Hidden Superstar”

Baily Coats – Becoming a Popstar

Baily is a hard working recording artist from Birmingham, Alabama, and when I say hard working, check out how many songs and music videos she has released over the past year. Now I don’t claim to be an expert in reviewing music yet, although I am learning, so I hope I can do Baily someContinue reading “Baily Coats – Becoming a Popstar”